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What our clients say about us


Knowledge and experience

"AVICENNE provided us operational recommendations that were innovative and based on solid analytical information."

"Your solutions are operational and not as far-fetched as those offered by other consultancy companies."

"Your results and your recommendations are clearly presented: strong points and opportunities plus the potential risks. We had all the trump-cards in our hands."

"You have in-depth knowledge of the sector that opened up opportunities for us, and even helped us recruit our future CEO."

"You helped us to see the problem from a new angle, one our team had not considered before. And on top of that, you were able to encourage them and persuade them to adhere to your vision."

Customer focus and satisfaction

"Whenever necessary, you went beyond what was agreed on and enlightened us on obscure points in our project."

"Your responsiveness and availability were very much appreciated. We obtained analytical answers to most of our questions in a remarkably short time frame."

"We are impressed by your ethics: at the expense of your bonus, you clearly alerted us to the risks we were running into."