Strategic analysis of the energy storage
value chain spanning two decades

Created in 1992, AVICENNE is a market research and consulting firm providing our clients with strategic, marketing, technical and financial information to support profitable growth.

Every year we publish a report called "The Worldwide Rechargeable Battery Market". Our primary activity is working on a customized basis to meet our customers’ specific needs.

All our surveys and analyses involve cross-checking data obtained from our extensive network of C-Level contacts, trade shows and constant monitoring of the whole industry.

We work closely with battery manufacturers, suppliers of electronics, raw materials and OEMs, for all major applications, from micro-batteries for smart cards to large format for UPS, Telecoms or energy storage. This allows us to conduct market analyses, always striving to determine how to bridge the gap between power and energy needs and what the market offers today, focusing on the safest solutions.

Our work covers the entire value chain for all kinds of energy storage, not only Lithium ion but also lead acid, NiMH or fuel cells.

Our small dedicated battery industry team has been operating for almost 20 years, working with large multinational groups like FMC, Umicore, Dupont, Dow, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, JCI, Nokia, Bosch, Siemens, Toyota, Renault, etc. We often present our findings to the Management team & CEOs of these major companies.